USDA Wants to Cut the Power of SNAP: Why It Matters

4 thoughts on “USDA Wants to Cut the Power of SNAP: Why It Matters”

  1. I disagree with the proposed changes in SUA. Having worked for over 26 years in the welfare system, I determined eligibility for the SNAP program. It’s difficult to live easily on the benefits and a cut would make the cycle of poverty worse. Food banks can’t take up the slack.

  2. Because shelter costs vary so widely from State to State, each State must be allowed to determine its own net income cap for receiving SNAP benefits. No one, in the richest country in the world, should go hungry.

  3. This all comes down to voting in the next election. Trump gave tax breaks to the corporations and the rich. Now the Trump administration wants to take the food off of your table and out of your mouth. While extremely wealthy corporations pay, no taxes. Trump is the reverse of Robin Hood. Trump steals from the poor and gives millions in tax breaks to himself, his family, and his loyal friends. One way to stop the insanity, vote for Democratic candidates in the next election. Get out and vote! Do you remember when Trump was campaigning for president. He asked “what do you have to lose”? Now you see just one small piece of what you have to lose. We as a nation have much, much, more to lose if you do not get out and do your civic duty. Vote!

  4. I disagree with this proposal. USDA does not take into consideration the high cost if utilities in this region due to diverse environmental factors. Children are going hungry at lunch as well. It is not up to supplemental programs to deal with household poverty and food. It is already a stretch for families to be able to feed healthy food at a cost they cannot afford. USDA needs to look at the government and how the poverty stricken are further penalized for their plight

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