SNAP Application Information

If we recently helped you submit a SNAP application, congratulations! There are just two more steps to complete your application. You will need to complete a phone interview and you may need to submit some documents.

Step 1- Phone Interview:

Your caseworker may call you right away or send you a letter in the mail. The letter will include an appointment time for a phone call. If you miss the caseworker’s call, if they do not call you or if you are unavailable for your appointment, you MUST reschedule by calling 877-395-8930. This phone number is for the Department of Human Services Customer Service Center. We suggest all SNAP applicants save it in their phones.

Step 2- Document Submission:

Once you complete your phone interview, your caseworker will tell you if you need to submit any follow up documents.  Documents are not needed for everyone, but if documents are required they MUST be submitted or your application will be denied. They may ask for copies of pay stubs, proof of your expenses, a form of ID or other materials. You can submit them to your caseworker or to the SNAP team at the Food Bank. We are happy to follow up with you to make sure everything is correct.

You can send your documents to the Food Bank through any of the means below:

Fax: 412-745-SNAP (7627)



To learn more about other food resources, visit our get help page!

If you have any questions, please call us at 833-822-7627 (SNAP).

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