Member Network: In total we distribute food through approximately 500 partners in our 11-county service area, including member agencies, community partners, Partner Distribution Organizations (PDOs) and regional PDO-sponsored food pantries. We work closely with each partner to ensure they have the resources needed to distribute food to people in their communities. Our outreach through the network encourages community relationships and helps neighbors to help neighbors. The network collectively distributes close to 85% of all product that comes through the Food Bank. 

Beyond the distribution of food through the network, the following distribution programs maximize food access for our neighbors in need:

Produce to People: Our largest direct mobile distribution program, the Produce to People model provides a more accessible way for eligible people to receive free food through a dignified, high-quality process centered on the distribution of fresh and, when possible, local produce and other foods.

Green Grocer: Green Grocer is a farm stand on wheels—a customized delivery truck of refrigerated, ready-to-sell perishables that stops, sets up, sells, then moves on to other locations. The goal of Green Grocer is to expand the Food Bank’s reach into communities where people lack access to fresh, nutritious foods.

Retail Store Donation Program: We pair retail stores with our member agencies. The agencies pick up donations directly from the retail stores and safely transport the product back to the agency for distribution. This program shortens the time food spends in transit and gets food into the hands of people who need it more quickly. 

Community Table: Through this program, we pair restaurants and commercial kitchens with our member agencies. Chefs prepare complete, nutritious meals on a scheduled basis for the agencies to distribute to people in need.

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