The Choose Healthy Options Program (CHOP) simplifies nutrition facts into a easy-to-understand 3-point scale, so its users can make quick, informed decisions about what to eat.

In 2004, the Food Bank worked with local nutritionists to develop CHOP, which since has been adopted by more than a dozen food banks around the country!

CHOP’s 3-point scale:

  1. Choose Frequently: This food offers good nutrition as compared to other foods in its category, like fresh produce.
  2. Choose Occasionally: This food offers some good nutrition, but it’s not an everyday food. Enjoy it every so often.
  3. Choose Rarely: This food doesn’t have much going for it as compared to other foods in its category. It’s okay to have it once in a while, but it’s more of a special treat.

*MC. Minimal Content: Most condiments add flavor and a few calories, but not enough of anything for them to have much of an impact on what someone eats. Because of this, we rank them as MC instead of assigning them a number.


We try to distribute as much 1s as possible. In fact, 43% (about 12 million pounds) of the food we distributed last year ranked 1 on the CHOP scale.


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