The shortest path between most people and a healthier diet is to eat more whole grains and fresh produce.

But, that is often easier said than done.  We have a lot of ideas that we hope might help you make eating healthier a habit that you can keep.  And, to make the changes something that the whole family does together–and enjoys doing.

These recipe cards and resources will give you tips and tricks to make cooking easier and more enjoyable, and will give you some tasty, healthy, and inexpensive recipes that your family will love!

  • Knife Skills and Cooking Lessons: These video courses will help save you time in the kitchen, make your life easier, and help your dinner to taste better!
  • Photo-Illustrated Recipe Cards: These recipe cards will teach you new cooking skills to make cooking easier and more fun—and help you to know what a new recipe should look like before you start cooking it!
  • How Long Does Produce Last?: Tips to help you use your fresh fruits & veggies before they go bad!
  • Cooking With Kids: Bringing your kids and grand kids into the kitchen with you is a great way to get to know them and help them learn, all at the same time!
  • Make a Family Cookbook: Sharing family recipes is a great way to learn more about your past, and to help your kids connect with their history!
  • MyPlate Board Game: This is a fun and easy way for kids and their caregivers to learn about healthy eating together!
  • Freezing Foods For Later: When produce is at its freshest, there is usually a lot of it to go around.  If you have extra that you can’t use right away, try freezing some for later!
  • Cooking for One: It can be tough to make balanced meals when there’s just one person in your house.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of your mealtimes.
  • Living with Diabetes: 6 steps to eating healthy.
  • Planning Breakfast in Advance: Studies show that kids who eat breakfast have an easier time in school.  Planning breakfast in advance can help your whole family!
  • Whole Grains are important for our diet!  But what are they?  Find out more on our Whole Grains FAQ.
  • How Do I Use This Vegetable?
  • How Do I Use This Fruit?

Get affordable, healthy, easy-to-follow recipes at your fingertips!

Our Recipe Rainbow app is searchable by ingredient, so you can use what may already be in your cupboard!  It’s also available as a mobile app for iPhone or Android!  Recipe Rainbow is proudly sponsored by UPMC Health Plan.

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