Health & Lifestyle Resources

Diet as a Component of Healthy Lifestyle:

The USDA MyPlate site is reputable and easy to navigate. Here, users can access information about the following:

  • Understanding the nutrition fact label and the USDA’s Dietary Recommendations for Americans
  • Cultivating a healthy lifestyle
  • Resources developed for specific audiences (e.g. children, adults, seniors)
  • Online tools and calculators:
    1. Meal planning tools
    2. Recipe generator
    3. Preschool growth charts
    4. Pregnancy weight gain calculator
    5. BMI calculator


Budgeting and Cost Saving Resources:


Healthy Food Choices for Chronic Disease Management:

    • American Heart Association: from here, you can easily navigate to the following resources:
      1. Tips for incorporating diet, physical activity, and self-care into an overall approach to achieving heart health
      2. Heart healthy diet recommendations
      3. Recipe videos, articles, and other resources
    • American Diabetes Association: from here, you can easily navigate to the following resources:
      1. Meal planning
      2. Recipes
      3. Information on diabetes appropriate foods
    • Center for Disease Control and Prevention Body Mass Index Calculator: this online tool allows you to calculate your BMI quickly and easily and provides information about the meaning of the score.
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