Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program-SNAP

Highlights (and lowlights) from the nutrition title of the Farm Bill as approved include the following (all numbers are 10-year budget numbers):

  • $8.55 billion cut to SNAP by tightening the “Heat and Eat” policy, which will affect Pennsylvania, 14 other states and the District of Columbia.

  • $205 million increase for TEFAP.  The TEFAP funding is expected to be front loaded to provide greater resources in the initial few years of the bill when need is projected to be especially high.

  • New dairy program that triggers a dairy product donation to nonprofits like food banks when dairy prices fall below a certain level.

  • $250 million for states to pilot innovative programs help SNAP participants get back to work.

  • Clarifies allowable SNAP outreach activities (for example, forbids outreach workers from receiving rewards on a per-head basis for number of applications processed).

  • Improves SNAP access by allowing SNAP home delivery for home bound seniors and disabled participants.

  • Promotes access to nutritious food by tightening stocking requirements for SNAP retailers and testing new ways to use EBT cards (for example, swiping on a mobile device at a farmers’ market).

  • Improves SNAP integrity through new measures to combat trafficking of benefits by retailers and recipients and policy changes forbidding benefits for lottery winners and affluent college students.

  • Protects SNAP nutrition education.

  • Transitions CSFP to a “seniors only” program.


For more information, contact:

Amber Book, Income Stability Programs Manager, (412) 460-3663 x407

  • Chelsey Novak, SNAP Outreach Coordinator
    • Cambria County, (814) 889-5831
  • John Cooper, SNAP Outreach Coordinator
    • Allegheny County, (412) 460-3663 x220
  • Tabbi Reefer, SNAP Outreach Coordinator
    • Indiana County (724) 549-8463

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