Principles of the Partnership

* as amended August, 2012

  1. Partners agree to the goals and objectives as defined in the document: “A Comprehensive Plan for Food Security in Southwestern Pennsylvania: Closing the Hunger Gap – Phase 2” as adopted in June, 2012 by the Partnership Steering Committee.
  2. Partners agree that that document is a departure point and that specific strategies and actions are up to the Partners.
  3. All decisions of the Partnership will be made by consensus of the Partners, consensus meaning decisions are not required to be unanimous, but must be more than simple majority votes.
  4. The Partnership thrives on the diversity of its members. Joining the Partnership does not require any organization to change its mission or program focus.
  5. Individual partners reserve the right to abstain or disagree with specific actions of the Partnership without withdrawing from the Partnership.
  6. Partners reserve the right to withdraw from the Partnership at any time for any reason.
  7. Joining the Partnership does not require any commitment of resources – financial or otherwise. Each Partner determines the extent and nature of its involvement.