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What is Community Harvest?

Community Harvest is a Food Bank program that enables home gardeners to donate produce to nearby member agencies. This year is easier than ever — we have added more participating agencies.

How do I start?

Using the map below, you will find food pantries, soup kitchens and other Food Bank member agencies that accept Community Harvest donations.

Timing is important: Each location has a “desired donation time” for gardeners, which helps to ensure that your neighbors in need will enjoy the fruits and vegetables at their freshest. Those times are listed on the map, and also in the “Donation Times” calendar below.

Donation Guidelines

  • Make sure all produce donated has at least 3-5 days of shelf life. How long does produce last?

  • Use good hygiene practices when harvesting and handling fresh produce.

  • Use a tarp when transporting produce in your vehicle.

  • Be sure to tell the agency that you are donating through the Community Harvest program (if requested by the agency, please call in advance of your donation).

Want to learn more about Community Harvest?

Check out our Community Harvest promotions this year in partnership with Doug Oster.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide fresh, healthy food to our community!

Questions about donating produce through Community Harvest?

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