• May 20 2016

    Produce of the Month: Cabbage

      Look below to find more about cabbage including: health benefits, how to store, general cooking tips and cabbage recipes. Health Benefits to Cabbage: Excellent source of vitamin C, which helps keep our bodies healthy. Excellent source of vitamin K, which is necessary for blood clotting. Good source of potassium, which helps lower your blood pressure and your kidney health. Contains fiber, which...Read More

  • Mar 01 2016

    Produce of the Month: Collard Greens

      Collard greens often have a bad reputation for being tough, chewy and bitter. This is due to cooking them for too short of a time or without enough seasoning. Try one of these two recipes below-they are sure to change your opinion about these vitamin-packed greens. Look below to find more info about collard greens including: health benefits,...Read More

  • Feb 02 2016

    Produce of the Month: Eggplant

    Eggplant is an interesting vegetable that needs some careful attention when cooking. Without the correct cooking tips, eggplant can often turn out quite bitter in your recipe. We hope to show you a few tips that will help your eggplant shine in your home cooking. Look below to find more info about eggplant including: health benefits, how to...Read More

  • Jan 19 2016

    Produce of the Month: Carrots

    These bright orange carrots not only taste great but provide our bodies with several vitamins and fiber. Fun fact about carrots, if you eat lots of carrots (or any other vegetables high in vitamin A), every single day for weeks, your skin will turn slightly yellow. Too much vitamin A can affect your liver or cause...Read More

  • Jan 05 2016

    Produce of the Month: Beets

      Beets’ beautiful, purple hue makes them a favorite for many adults and kids alike. Not only do beets help lower your blood pressure and help fight off infections, but they are also delicious to eat! Once cooked, beets are a sweet and delicious addition to any meal. Look below to find more info about beets...Read More

  • Dec 01 2015

    Produce of the Month: Apples

      There are so many different varieties of apples! There are Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Honey Crisp, Golden Delicious, and many more. If you aren’t a fan of specific variety- try a different one! You would be surprised how different each taste. Apples make an healthy and easy snack with peanut butter but...Read More

  • Apr 02 2015

    Grow A Windowsill Herb Garden [Video]

    Spring is here, and it’s a great time to grow your own food! Almost everyone can grow something, whether it’s in a larger garden outside or a small garden on your windowsill. Gardening is an inexpensive way to get the freshest foods available. Seeds are inexpensive and can even be purchased using SNAP benefits. Typically, a...Read More

  • Nov 13 2014

    How To Use Spaghetti Squash

    Spaghetti Squash is Delicious! Spaghetti squash has a sweet and delicate flavor that goes well in many dishes.  It can be eaten savory with spaghetti sauce and/or vegetables; or it can be tossed with butter, sugar, and cinnamon for a sweet & tasty, healthy dessert! How to Store: Whole spaghetti squash can be stored on...Read More

  • Nov 11 2014

    UPMC Health Plan Partners with Food Bank to Introduce Recipe App

    UPMC Health Plan Partners with Food Bank to Introduce Recipe App Recipe Rainbow offers more than 300 delicious, nutritious recipes via Smartphone PITTSBURGH (November 11, 2014)—UPMC Health Plan and Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank have teamed up to develop a free, downloadable App called Recipe Rainbow, a healthy resource offering a broad array of simple and...Read More

  • Nov 05 2014

    How To Use Butternut Squash

    Benefits of Butternut Squash: Low in fat and high in dietary fiber, making it an exceptional heart-healthy food. Significant amounts of potassium, important for bone health. In a 1-cup serving, you receive about half of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. Great source of vitamin A.   How to Store: Whole butternut squash can...Read More

  • Sep 27 2014

    Organize a Virtual Food Drive

    We just launched a new Virtual Food Drive Campaign! Be one of the first to start a team and raise money for the Food Bank. Visit the page to and start a team, the process is simple. Why a Virtual Food Drive instead of a traditional food drive? The Food Bank has a wholesale buying power and we can...Read More

  • Sep 25 2014

    Speak Out: Join the Paper Plate Campaign

    1 out of 5 children in southwest PA is at risk of hunger. YOU CAN HELP. Each September, for Hunger Action Month, we ask individuals to write a message about hunger on an empty paper plate. This year we are asking you to write a message about child hunger. Why? Every five years Congress reauthorizes programs...Read More

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