• Sep 19 2014

    “Like” Us on Facebook

    This is a Hunger Action Month initiative, but hunger is an issue each month of the year. It is important that we share our mission each and every day. Expand our network by “liking” us on Facebook. You could even share our next Facebook post.  

  • Sep 17 2014

    Follow Us on Twitter

    Stay up to date on all things Food Bank through your Twitter feed. Go even further and Tweet to speak out today!

  • Sep 16 2014

    Start a Pennies for Peanut Butter Jar

    Pennies for Peanut Butter is simple: Fill an empty peanut butter jar with all the pennies (and other spare change) that is lying around your house and car, then donate the funds to the Food Bank. And now thanks to First Commonwealth Bank, you will not need to count and roll all those coins. Simply visit a...Read More

  • Sep 13 2014

    Donate 30 Food Items

    It is Hunger Action Month and it is important to make every day count.  Why not literally donate a food item for every day counted in the month of September? Check out our most needed items and how to donate food today!

  • Sep 12 2014

    Vote for Us in Walmart”s ‘Fight Hunger, Spark Change’ Campaign

    Walmart’s Fight Hunger Spark Change competition begins today- vote online every day and help GPCFB win $60,000! Through the Fight Hunger. Spark Change. campaign, the general public can participate in a consumer voting campaign to determine which Feeding America member food banks will receive funding awards from Walmart. The campaign will also encourage Walmart customers...Read More

  • Sep 11 2014

    Donate During Hunger Action Month

    Through the generosity of donors like yourself, during Hunger Action Month we have a donation match.  This is a dollar for dollar match, so your $1 is actually $2. Then you factor in the wholesale buying power of the Food Bank and multiply by 5 and you have donated $10! This match will continue until...Read More

  • Sep 10 2014

    What Does Hunger Look Like?

    Map the Meal Gap Are you curious how many people we serve, what are the statistics for our region, state and beyond? Click the map below to check out Map the Meal Gap interactive tool and educate yourself in honor of Hunger Action Month!  A bit of background – Feeding America first published the Map the Meal...Read More