Sign the national petition to Senate leaders.

Please join Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank in urging Senate leadership to introduce Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) to the Senate floor for a vote. If ever there was a time to be the voice of children facing hunger in this country, this is our moment.

Please sign the petition today.

Child Nutrition Reauthorization (CNR) passed through the Senate Agriculture Committee, bringing us one step closer to passing a stronger CNR this year.

Now we must take the next step and bring CNR to the Senate floor for a full vote. With summer just months away, and millions of children preparing for summer months when they know they won’t be getting school meals, Senate leadership must work together to bring CNR to the Senate floor now.

Every child deserves to have enough food to grow and thrive – not just when school is open, but every day of the year. Urge Senate leadership to put child hunger on the top of their agenda.

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@SenateMajLdr  @SenatorReid  Please bring #CNR2016 to a vote. Hungry children can’t wait.



Thank you for taking the time today to support children at risk of hunger.