Did you know that we have a team of amazing people running SOME (So Others May Eat) in Pittsburgh Marathon events? To get everyone motivated in the final weeks leading up to race weekend, we will be sharing some of our runners’ stories.

If you are a runner, you will relate to each story. But even if you aren’t, these dedicated folks will inspire you. Who knows, maybe you will run on our behalf in next year’s events!

New me

How long have you been running?

About two years. I’ve never considered myself a runner and swore up and down that I would never be one. And yet, here I am.


How many years have you been running for the Food Bank in Pittsburgh Marathon events?

This will be my second year running, first time doing the full Pittsburgh Marathon.


What inspires you to run?

I started running last year because my friends kept pushing me to do the Pittsburgh half marathon. I hike, bike, and camp, but have never been much of a runner. After a lot of persistence, I was pushed over the edge when I found out that I could sign up as a charity runner to raise money for the Food Bank. I completed the half marathon last year and exceeded my fundraising goal. I think that the work we do here at the Food Bank is so important and it is what inspired me to finally sign up.


What is your biggest training hurdle?

Training is difficult in terms of fitting in the time to run in a busy schedule, but it also really helps given that the type of work we do can be stressful when you’re helping families who are facing a lot of challenges.


Why have you decided to run as a part of the Food Bank’s RunSOME team?

As a staff member, I see the hard work of my colleagues every day and the passion that goes in to the services we provide here. Ensuring that our neighbors have enough to eat is such an important thing that there wasn’t even a question of who I would run for.


Does Megan inspire or motivate you? You can contribute to Megan’s run So Others May Eat today.