Marathon Wordle

Did you know that we have amazing people running for us in the Pittsburgh Marathon? We do! To get everyone motivated in the final days leading up to the race on May 3, we would like to share some of our runners’ stories.

If you are a runner, you will relate to each story. But even if you aren’t, these dedicated folks will inspire you. Who knows, maybe you will run on our behalf in next year’s race!

This is the fifth in a series of daily runner stories featured on the blog all this week – leading up to the race on Sunday!




How long have you been running?

3 years


How many years have you been running for the Food Bank in the Pittsburgh Marathon?

First time running for the Food Bank.


What motivates you to run?

I started running at age 44 because I did not want to have to say the last time I ran anywhere was twenty (or more) years ago.  Since I started running almost three years ago, I feel better, stronger and more accomplished.  I’ve also been proud to hear people say they find my running to be an inspiration to them to either start running or to do something they’ve wanted to do.


Why have you decided to run for the Food Bank?

I couldn’t see paying the registration fee to run the 1/2 marathon AND subject myself to the inevitable pain that will result from my attempting to run 13 miles at one time.  Rather make a donation, along with family and friends to a very worthy cause.  And in a country of such immense wealth, no one should ever go hungry.


Did Kim get you motivated to help out? You can contribute to Kim’s run for the Food Bank today!