A Great Way to Learn New Skills and Preview Recipes Before You Make Them!

Have you ever gone to make a recipe for the first time, get halfway through the recipe and think that maybe you’re doing something wrong but you’re not quite sure how?

Or perhaps you’ve watched cooking shows on TV where the host tells you, “This recipe starts off by sauteeing a cup and a half of onions in a little bit of oil.”  She picks up a bowl of neatly diced onions and adds them to the pan while you ask the TV, “But how do I get my onions to dice up just like that?!”

These photo-illustrated recipe cards help you know what to do before you do it.  Click on the images below to get a PDF of each card:

Oven Roasted PotatoesDicing Onion CardCarrots Made Easy Roasted Root VegRoasted Green VegRoasted Veg SoupAvocadoStir Fry Veg and Cutting PeppersRatatouilleDelicious Jambalaya!ColeslawEasy Homemade Granola Bars OmeletEasy Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Hungarian Style Cabbage and Apple Stir FryCucumberTomatoSalad Beans N GreensSalmon and Black Bean HashSavory OatsZucchini Aurora CardTomato CardSizzlin CharleseSuper Easy Spaghetti SquashSweet Roasted SquashRoasting Onions Garlic TomatoesHomemade Hot Dinner Pocket CardGuide to Winter SquashCutting Butternut SquashCutting Mango CardPeach Crisp CardBanana Muffin CardDicing Onion Card


Please let me know any questions you have for kitchen skills tips – we have more cards to come, and I’d love to tailor them to things people want to know!  Leave a comment via email at nutrition@pittsburghfoodbank.org.