Have you ever forgotten about a fruit or vegetable in the back of your produce drawer?  Three weeks later, when you finally uncover it, what had once been a glorious zucchini or beautiful bag of apples has now reduced to a moldy mound of mush.  It’s a very disappointing thing that can happen to anybody.

In order to help you avoid this unnecessary waste, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank offers you two resources to help you plan your meals.


This chart will help you plan how long the fresh produce you have on hand will likely keep.  If you know how quickly to use your produce items, it can help you plan meals around the fruits and vegetables that need to be used as quickly as possible.

Once you know which fruits and vegetables you need to cook with the soonest, try using Recipe Rainbow to find recipes using those items!  Just type in the food you want to use and pull up some tasty recipes that use it1!

1. If you search for a food that is not listed in Recipe Rainbow, email nutrition@pittsburghfoodbank.org and we’ll work to get recipes posted so the next time you have that food on hand, we’ll be able to help you out with some tasty and healthy meal ideas your family will love!