Spring is here, and it’s a great time to grow your own food!

Almost everyone can grow something, whether it’s in a larger garden outside or a small garden on your windowsill.

Gardening is an inexpensive way to get the freshest foods available. Seeds are inexpensive and can even be purchased using SNAP benefits. Typically, a plant you grow will produce more food for your money, compared to buying that food from a grocery store.

Kids CAN CV&HV Farm Trip 2003-5

Best of all, gardening is an activity that the whole family can enjoy! Studies show gardening is a great way to get kids excited about eating more fruits and vegetables. Other studies suggest that kids who eat more fruits and veggies when they are young tend to be healthier in adulthood. In short, gardening as a family can set kids up to be healthier adults.

This video is a fun way to introduce kids to growing plants by sowing seeds. All it takes to make a windowsill herb garden are some clean yogurt cups, a little bit of soil, and some seeds!