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FOCUS ON: Working Pennsylvanians

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Many of our neighbors that turn to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank are working yet struggling to make ends meet.  These working families are often forced to make difficult choices between paying for food, utilities, transportation, medical care and housing.
An emergency car repair or high utility bill can be devastating for a family that is just barely getting by.
With your help, the Food Bank is helping fill the gap for struggling families. Learn More.

big Burrito Chef, Bill Fuller, Shares His Story


Chef Bill Fuller, Big Burrito
Bill Fuller, big Burrito Corporate Chef, knows how to make a successful restaurant happen. Not to mention, Bill has been awarded both Chef of the Year and Restaurateur of the Year from Pittsburgh Magazine.
Bill also knows what it is like to grow up in a food insecure household and he shared his story recently in big Burrito’s online newsletter.
Read Bill’s Story

Words from Lisa

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“Among the major roadblocks to ending food insecurity are the many myths and stereotypes that haunt the people we serve.
For instance, some believe that those who visit a food pantry are, by and large, unwilling or unable to work. This is simply not true. Many people who are food insecure have jobs, but 1 in 7 working Pennsylvanians are underemployed. Among all households served by our network, 30 percent have at least one member who has been employed in the past year, some holding multiple jobs to try to earn enough to put food on the table for their family.
Yet for many, wages have stagnated, forcing tough choices between paying for food and paying for utilities, rent, transportation and medical costs. These individuals are not abdicating their responsibilities; they simply seek help to make ends meet.
If you are able, consider becoming a monthly sustaining donor. Your monthly recurring donation creates a predictable source of support ensuring peace of mind for our neighbors who are striving to get themselves and their families on firmer financial footing.”
– Lisa A. Scales, President & CEO
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