“I hope everyone walks away with a better understanding of just how important the Food Bank is to our community and realizes just how far their support goes.”

We recently asked a great friend of the Food Bank, D.B. Root & Company’s Jeremy Suschak, to answer some questions about the upcoming Golf Outing on September 21. In case you are unfamiliar, our annual Golf Outing (currently the 9th year and counting)in a nutshell is a partnership with D.B. Root & Company that involves a day long event of golfing and good times to raise money to provide meals to our community.

Last year, the event raised $26,793.92! We are very much looking forward to this year’s event and are so excited that we want to share some thoughts from Jeremy, who is a major key to making the event happen.

To find out more about this year’s details – click here.


Jeremy wArrow

Why does D.B. Root and you specifically feel that supporting the Food Bank is such a worthy cause?

The more D.B. Root does for the Food Bank the more the Food Bank can do for our community. I was alarmed when I first learned of just how many of our neighbors were hungry, especially the number of children. Supporting the Food Bank’s constant and endless effort to not just reduce but end hunger in our community is something that is very important to us.

How did you hear about the Food Bank and our annual Golf SOME Event and what inspired you to get involved?

That’s a good story! One of our Advisors in the office toured the Food Bank facility within the past year and asked about who they should contact to learn more about volunteer opportunities. From there we were introduced to Alyssa, Beci, Megan and the rest of the wonderful staff at the Food Bank. We sat down to discuss some beneficial ways that D.B. Root could lend a hand and that’s when Alyssa told us about Golf SOME. Prior to helping with Golf SOME, each year we organized a golf outing to support a local non-profit organization, selecting a different organization each year. The more we talked about our past success and the success of Golf SOME in years past, we thought it would make perfect sense to join forces. Last year’s outing went so well and we developed so many good relationships with the Food Bank staff that we decided to continue our partnership!

What is something you think the Food Bank and the community that supports what we do does best?

I love how easy it is to get involved. The Food Bank does a great job of creating opportunities to support our friends who are hungry. There are so many ways to help out . . . volunteer opportunities on a daily/weekly basis through the re-pack program and others like it, we helped out with the Blues Festival this year and had a BLAST, or you can donate directly ($25, allows the Food Bank to buy $125 of food which can feed a family for a week!).

Why do you think the Food Bank and our supporters are so important to the community?

Without the Food Bank, and friends of the Food Bank, how would those who are hungry find help? I can’t answer that question because I truly do not know. Over the past few years, we have heard stories about how the Food Bank helped a family through the loss of one or both household incomes or how they provided food to children who lost their parents. The Food Bank plays a vital role in our community by being there when they are depended on the most.

Is there anything new and/or exciting we should be looking forward to at the golf event this year?

We have some awesome attractions this year! We’re kicking off the day by serving mimosa’s on the patio at Longue Vue, we have Pitt Stop BBQ providing lunch, and on the course we have SweetWater Brewing providing the beverages and we’ll have complimentary cigars from a local vendor too! We’re looking forward to wrapping up the day with cocktails and dinner outside.

What message or takeaway do you hope everyone who attends this year’s event walks away with?

I hope everyone walks away with a better understanding of just how important the Food Bank is to our community and realizes just how far their support goes.

Last question, what would you tell those golfers out there that might be considering attending, but are not quite sure?

Do you want to spend your Monday morning stuck in traffic on the way to work?  OR would you rather spend it raising a mimosa to the Food Bank at one of the most beautiful golf courses in Western PA ?!?!

Are you interested in joining us at this year’s Golf Outing at the Longue Vue Club on September 21, 2015? Please visit http://dbroot.com/charity-golf-outing/ to register.