Duquesne Light Awards $55,600 Grant to Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Funding will support Food Bank’s Produce to People Program

DUQUESNE, PA (Jan. 28, 2016) — Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank received a $55,600 grant from Duquesne Light to support the organization’s Produce to People program for use in Allegheny and Beaver counties. The Food Bank’s large-scale produce distribution program, provides participating families with 30-50 pounds of food, mostly fresh produce.

“With more than 74 percent of our clients purchasing inexpensive, unhealthy foods because they cannot afford healthier options like produce, this program gives us the opportunity to distribute healthy produce to families who otherwise wouldn’t have them,” said Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank President & CEO Lisa Scales. “We are thankful to Duquesne Light for this grant that will provide free produce to families in Allegheny and Beaver counties in addition to the community support they have provided over the years.”

Produce to People was established in 2006 to move produce, perishable food and occasionally overstocked items off warehouse shelves before they go to waste and distribute them directly to people in neighborhoods of high need. Nearly three out of four items distributed through the program are produce. Many include potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, sweet potatoes and apples. The Food Bank serves more than 16,000 individuals yearly through eight monthly distributions in Allegheny County and two in Beaver County.

The program also helps to close the gap in areas where pantries may have limited storage and distribution capabilities. Last year the Food Bank distributed almost 3.5 million pounds of produce through the program. The grant, made possible through Duquesne Light, supports community organizations that work with low- and moderate-income families to assist in improving their quality of life.

“Duquesne Light is proud to support organizations across the region like the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank,” said Jessica Rock, Director of Communications, Duquesne Light Company. “During the cold winter months when fresh produce can be scarce and often expensive, it’s even more important for families to have access to nutritional food options. We’re pleased to contribute to this worthy program.”

“One of the main initiatives driving our work is to not only distribute more food to the clients who depend on us, but to provide more nutritious food options to people who have limited access to these items on a regular basis,” Scales said. “The Produce to People program is our main support for that initiative.”

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