• Aug 25 2015

    Roll Your Own… Oats, That Is!

    Please join us at Pittsburgh Public Market on Saturday, September 19, from 10:00-2:00 to roll some oats, learn more about oats & how they relate to food security in our region, and find out how you can get help through or lend a hand for the food bank! What are rolled oats, anyway? Rolled oats...Read More

  • Aug 17 2015

    New! Online Cooking Class: Cutting & Roasting Root Veg!

    The first thing every young chef learns is knife skills.  No matter what you are cooking, it always starts by chopping up the necessary ingredients.  The quicker and more efficiently you can get through that step of the process, the more attention you’ll be able to pay to the cooking end of things.  This means...Read More

  • Aug 14 2015

    Spuds Illustrated Magazine

    Do you know… Why potatoes shouldn’t be kept in a plastic bag… or in your fridge? 5 reasons that you should keep the skins on your potatoes? The safest and easiest way to dice your potatoes? How to mash your potatoes… even if you don’t have milk in the house? How to make the Best...Read More

  • Aug 13 2015

    End of the Week Burrito

    Have you ever searched the kitchen and gone out for dinner because “there is nothing to eat?” We are all guilty of this. It’s so easy to overlook options as the end of the week approaches, ingredients are low and we are tired form a work week.  This week, instead of jumping right to spending money at...Read More

  • Jul 16 2015

    Frozen Chicken Recalls Affecting Our Area

    There have been 3 recalls of frozen, breaded chicken products that have affected our area in recent days.  Please check any frozen, breaded chicken you have on hand to be certain that yours has not been included in any of the recalls.  These recalls literally affect hundreds of different products. For full details on these...Read More

  • Jul 01 2015

    Grill Like A Champ

    The July 4 weekend is one of the most popular times to grill.  Families come together and enjoy spending time together, relaxing, and eating grilled food. If you’re like most people, when you grill, your set up revolves around the meat: be it burgers, hot dogs, steak, or ribs, meat reigns supreme on most grills.  Take...Read More

  • Jun 12 2015

    Mangoes Made Easy!

    Mangoes are colorful, juicy, and delicious! They can also be tough to figure out. Peeling the mango before you cut it helps the fruit to be less stringy. Knowing that the pit in the center is the same basic shape as the fruit itself can help you know how to cut around it. 1. Peel...Read More

  • Jun 01 2015

    Making the Most of Your Fresh Produce

    Have you ever forgotten about a fruit or vegetable in the back of your produce drawer?  Three weeks later, when you finally uncover it, what had once been a glorious zucchini or beautiful bag of apples has now reduced to a moldy mound of mush.  It’s a very disappointing thing that can happen to anybody....Read More

  • Apr 02 2015

    Grow A Windowsill Herb Garden [Video]

    Spring is here, and it’s a great time to grow your own food! Almost everyone can grow something, whether it’s in a larger garden outside or a small garden on your windowsill. Gardening is an inexpensive way to get the freshest foods available. Seeds are inexpensive and can even be purchased using SNAP benefits. Typically, a...Read More

  • Mar 20 2015

    Photo-Illustrated Recipe Cards

    A Great Way to Learn New Skills and Preview Recipes Before You Make Them! Have you ever gone to make a recipe for the first time, get halfway through the recipe and think that maybe you’re doing something wrong but you’re not quite sure how? Or perhaps you’ve watched cooking shows on TV where the...Read More

  • Dec 04 2014

    Eating Well Within a Budget

    Today, we spotlight Budget Bytes, an extensive, well-organized blog that focuses on affordable food that is fresh and diverse. The philosophy behind Budget Bytes is that cooking and eating on a tight budget doesn’t have to mean the same boring meals day after day.  The blog is easy to use; you can search based on ingredient, meal type, how-to techniques,...Read More

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