Join advocates across the nation for a call-in day today!

This week, the U.S. House and Senate are expected to vote on budget resolutions that include severe cuts to programs that provide nutrition assistance for low-income Americans.

Send a strong message to our members of Congress. Let them know that you agree with the majority of Americans across party lines that cutting funding from food assistance programs is not the right way to balance the budget.

CEO Lisa Scales calling her Congressman

CEO Lisa Scales calling her Congressman

Please call Congress today! Here’s what to do:

1. Dial the toll-free number (888) 398-8702.

2. Listen to the recorded message and enter your zip code when asked.

3. Connect to your Representative first (the recording will tell you your Representative’s name).

4. Once you are connected to the office, tell the person who answers the phone your name and the town you live in and that you live in the district. Then tell them you are calling about the budget and deliver this important message:

I am calling to ask [REP. OR SENATOR NAME] to vote against any efforts to cut or block grant anti-hunger programs like SNAP in the budget resolution. People in my community rely on these programs and our food bank will be unable to meet the need in our community if these programs are cut. Thank you for your time.

Be sure to dial back in to call both of our Senators’ offices. Then forward this message to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to make their calls, too.

When you are done making your calls, join the conversation on Twitter:

Join me and @pghfoodbank. Call Congress to tell them to #StopTheCuts and keep #SNAPstrong.  Tweet this!

Thank you for taking the time to call and let our members of Congress know that you care about protecting programs that reduce hunger in America.