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Nutrition & Food Safety


What We Do

  • Choosing Healthy Options (CHOP): Our food bank has developed a scientific-based nutrition ranking system to ensure that our product is the most healthy option available.
  • Cooking, Activity and Nutrition (CAN) Newsletter: Each month we distribute over 30,000 newsletters to our agencies and their clients with nutrition education materials including recipes and wellness activities.
  • Cooking Demonstrations: Our nutrition staff is available to visit our agencies to demonstrate great tasting, healthy recipes that feature products from our inventory and to answer client family questions related to nutrition and a healthy diet. During farm stand season, we do monthly cooking demonstrations at each location.
  • Food Safety: We require all member agencies to participate in food safety training. We also provide food safety guidance, from how long past the best by date food is still good to eat to how to respond to food safety concerns in case of an emergency such as flood, power outage, or fire.
  • Breakfast 911: We partner with Duquesne Elementary School to provide nutrition education materials and ensure that all children receive a healthy breakfast.
  • Kids Cook: At several after-school programs we teach healthy recipes and cooking skills in a three-part hands-on workshop series.
  • Recipe Rainbow: Search Recipe Rainbow for recipes using foods you have! Choose from a list of 250 ingredients to find recipes using what you have on hand.


Nutrition Links


For more information please contact our nutrition department at (412) 460-3663 ext. 402 or email