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Kids Cook

Our Kids Cook workshops provide nutrition education at after school program and summer camp sites. Kids gain independence and cooking skills as they practice preparing simple, healthy foods in a fun learning environment.

Kids Cook includes three sessions—breakfast, lunch and snack. Each session lasts one hour, and curriculum works best for ages 5-12.

If you are interested in having Kids Cook lessons at your public school or afterschool program, email


Kids Nutrition Links

  • Choose MyPlate (external link)can help you to find out more about healthy eating for everyone in your family!
  • Preschoolers (external link) can offer special challenges when it comes to trying new foods and establishing healthy eating habits early.
  • Kids Over 5 (external link)get bombarded with food messages... often for sugary treats with lots of artificial colors. Get tips for how you can keep your school-aged child eating healthy and help them to make good choices about what they eat.