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Volunteer Opportunites


Without volunteers, the Food Bank could not carry out its mission. The donation of your time is greatly appreciated!

  • Ages 4 (with adult supervisor) and up: Fall FoodShare at Giant Eagle stores in October/November is one of the largest food drives of the year. Help hand out "most-needed items" shopping lists to customers on their way in and collect the food they donate on their way out.

  • Ages 7 (with adult supervisor) and up: Get some fresh air and help the Food Bank gather nutritious produce through the Gleaning Program (June through November). We go to local farms and "glean" fruits and vegetables from the fields that would otherwise go to waste.

  • Ages 12 (with adult supervisor) and up: Come sort and repackage groceries at the Food Bank's warehouse in Duquesne. See first-hand how the Food Bank works. We bet it's not at all like you thought it would be, and much bigger than you imagined! Or come volunteer for our "direct distribution," called Produce to People. Help give out food to families in need on Saturdays. Volunteers tell us that this is the most eye-opening and moving experience of all. If you didn't know that hunger is a problem in our community, or you are wondering just who benefits from your help, Produce to People will answer all your questions.

  • Ages 16 and up: You can volunteer for the Food Bank's great special events, like Empty Bowls and the Pittsburgh Blues Festival Weekend.

Join Today

Kids' groups that come to tour the Food Bank can help too. We have children's projects for younger ages, like decorating lunchbags and placemats, and other short projects for older ages that are part of the warehouse tour presentation.

For more information on volunteering, email the Volunteer Coordinators or contact them at (412) 460-3663, ext. 301.

For more information on taking a tour of the Food Bank, email the Director of Educational Programs or contact her at (412) 460-3663, ext 217.