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Group Activities / Field Trips


Working to help the Food Bank feed hungry people in our communities shows kids how to be compassionate and imaginative and think of others. It also develops leadership and communication skills, and tells kids that they have an important voice. They can use that voice to make a better world - that's what the Kids Campaign to End Hunger is all about!

When it comes to ideas for how to help, the sky's the limit! One 7-year-old asked adults to donate money for each hit he got during his t-ball games, and raised more than $200!

Please let us know about your events and ideas. Send us results and pictures via email. We will try to post them on our website and recognize them in our newsletters, so they can inspire other kids to join the Kids Campaign to End Hunger! Kids CAN change the world!

Food Drives: There's nothing quite like the simple act of giving food to fight hunger. Download a food drive brochure with steps for a successful food drive, most-needed items, drop-off locations, and other useful tips.

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Birthday and special occasion celebrations: Kids can "party with a purpose" and help hungry kids. In lieu of gifts, invitees can be asked to bring some non-perishable items for the Food Bank, or make a donation.

Download materials:

School and club activities: When kids work together, great things happen. Help your group or class organize a food drive, collect money, or come take a tour of the Food Bank.

Field Trips: Contact the Food Bank and have a speaker come to your group meeting. To make arrangements for your group to tour our facility or host a speaker, contact the Director of Educational Programs at (412) 460-3663 ext. 217.

A word about collecting money: It may seem like collecting money is somehow less meaningful than collecting food. For your information, the Food Bank has wholesale and bulk purchasing power that can stretch every donated dollar into $5.00 worth of food and services, making the most efficient use of donated money. We can also purchase items that are most-needed. The Food Bank spends only 6 cents of every dollar on administrative and fundraising costs, which has been recognized by Charity Navigator with a 4-star rating.