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Teens Take Action


Hey teens - you don't need to be grown up, have money, or be "in charge" to make your world a better place. Get involved. Or as Mahatma Gandhi said, "Be the change to wish to see in the world." That's why the Kids Campaign to End Hunger's motto is: "Donate. Volunteer. Speak Out."

Maybe you know other kids at school who don't always have lunch, or who have problems paying attention and learning because they haven't had breakfast either. The truth is, in many neighborhoods right here in southwestern Pennsylvania, lots of people don't always get enough to eat.

You can help hungry people get the food they need. Here's a list of things you can do, or think up your own idea. The Food Bank is here for you, so contact us if you need some help. And whatever you do, email us to let us know. We'd be proud to make your acquaintance!


  1. Collect money for the Food Bank. Work with local or school clubs and friends to make collection jars, and ask permission to collect funds at events, parties, pep rallies, or through neighborhood organizations or businesses.
  2. You can also earn money to donate. Have a car wash, sub sandwich sale, or find people who need help with chores.
  3. At your next birthday party, ask for donations to the Food Bank in lieu of gifts. Or donate a week's allowance. It may seem like a sacrifice, but the great feeling you get from helping people in need is worth it!
  4. Have a food drive. You can collect food at any kind of gathering, class, club or youth group.

Join Now


  1. If you are at least 12 years old, you can volunteer for the Food Bank. You can come to the Food Bank and sort and pack food, help with clerical tasks, or harvest fresh nutritious produce (June-Nov) on local farms.
  2. If you are at least 16, you can also volunteer at special events like Empty Bowls and the Pittsburgh Blues Festival.

Speak Out

  1. Think your one voice doesn't matter? Wrong! Margaret Mead said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has!" So write a letter to your state or federal legislator. Tell him/her that every person should have enough to eat. Your English, writing, social studies or journalism classes can connect to the real world - ask your teacher if the whole class can write letters to the local newspapers. Write on paper plates, or make one big letter. You can find names and addresses here.
  2. Learn the facts. Someone from the Food Bank can come to your class or group meeting, or you can come to the Food Bank and find out about hunger, what the Food Bank is doing about it, and how you can help.

Every single person can help end hunger in America. Little things add up to big changes. When you take part in making your community a better place, you help yourself to become a better person. So get started!