There are many children in the Pittsburgh area, who don’t get enough to eat. But, you and the Food Bank can help!

Pennies for Peanut Butter


  • Fill a peanut butter jar full of pennies with your family, or start a jar-filling drive at your school!
  • Did you know that one peanut butter jar holds about 800 pennies? The Food Bank can purchase nearly 8 additional jars with that $8!
  • Download labels to tape on your peanut butter jars.

Throw a party!

  • Instead of asking for presents at your next party, invite your friends and family to bring canned food items or a donation to the Food Bank.
  • Remember, $1 = 5 meals to another child – your help goes a long way!

Birthday Bags

  • Fill bags with supplies to help a family create a simple yet special birthday party for their child.
  • Ideas for what goes inside the bag: 1 frosting mix, 1 cake mix, candles, table covering, napkins, paper plates, party noise makers and hats.

Start a Lemonade Stand

Aggie and Annie Li - lemonade stand 2

  • Making lemonade at home and selling it in your yard or neighborhood event is a fun way to raise money for the Food Bank.

Grab and Go Bags

  • Fill small brown paper lunch bags with snacks or a quick meal for a child on the go.
  • Ideas for what goes inside the bag: Juicebox, individual serving cereal boxes, cheese or peanut butter crackers, pretzels, Goldfish crackers, Easy Mac. We suggest 4 or 5 items per bag.

School Supplies

  • Some families cannot afford every item of their child’s school supplies list. Help them at the beginning of the year by donating school supply basics!
  • Most needed items: Pencils, pens, crayons, markers, scissors, pencil holders, binder paper, glue sticks, erasers.

Lend a hand – Volunteer!


  • Collect food and donations during Fall FoodShare at your local Giant Eagle grocery store. (Ages 4+, with adult supervision).
  • Take a trip to a local farm and pick fruits and vegetables for families in need with our gleaning program (Ages 7+, with adult supervision).
  • Help repackage food at our gigantic warehouse, or help give out food to families in need at Produce to People (Ages 12+, with adult supervision).
  • Volunteer at special events like Empty Bowls and the Pittsburgh Blues Festival (Ages 16+).

Join Kids' Campaign to End Hunger

Make an impact in your community! Contact Maggie at (412) 460-3663 x420, Or click below to join!

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