Who We Are

In September 2010, the Southwestern Pennsylvania Food Security Partnership was created after a group of volunteers from all walks of life in our region joined a task force dedicated to the proposition that 370,000 people confronting food insecurity is unacceptable, from any ethical or practical perspective.

The task force spent the first six months of 2010 developing a comprehensive action plan to attack the growing problem. The plan included five goals to be met by 2015. The overall goal is to reduce hunger significantly in that time frame, and to establish the means to continue to reduce hunger in the 12-county region in the years that follow.

The plan was updated in the summer of 2012, and represents Phase 2 of the Partnership effort.

The five original goals of the plan developed by the Partnership can be summarized as follows:

  1. Increase access to and utilization of public and private food assistance programs.
  2. Build broad community engagement in ending hunger.
  3. Advocate for strong public policy surrounding hunger relief.
  4. Partner with other social service providers to address the larger issues of poverty.
  5. Ensure more efficient administration of systems and resources.

The Phase 2 goals are outlined in theĀ Comprehensive Plan, Phase 2.