There’s a lot going on at our award-winning LEED-certified headquarters in Duquesne, PA.

At 1 North Linden Street, we:

  • Inspect and re-package food.
  • Prepare orders for agencies.
  • Receive trailers of food.
  • Send out food deliveries by truck.
  • Organize and facilitate agency pick-ups.
  • Maintain our entire fleet of trucks and other vehicles in-house.
  • Account for and track each item of food.
  • Train agencies on nutrition and food safety.
  • Plan special events to support fundraising.
  • Cook meals in our test kitchen for nutrition education.
  • Offer fun and educational volunteer activities.

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Would you like to see for yourself?

We'd love to have you! To schedule a tour, email us at info@pittsburghfoodbank.org.

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