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House Farm Bill Fails!

Advocacy List

The House of Representatives failed to pass their version of the Farm Bill yesterday.  Proposing to cut $21 billion from SNAP (food stamps) over 10 years, this bill would have had devastating consequences to people in need who rely on their SNAP benefits to feed themselves and their families.

THANK YOU for making phone calls and sending emails and letters to your Representatives letting them know that cuts to SNAP are wrong.  Your actions truly made a difference.

Check to see how your member of Congress voted and then contact them to say thank you for voting against the bill, or to express disappointment if they voted for it (aye votes).  Please also thank - or express disappointment - in votes on these key amendments:

McGovern amendment (thank those that voted aye) Would have restored the severe $20.5 billion cuts in SNAP, protecting low-income families, children, and seniors from losing eligibility or seeing their benefits cut.

Huelskamp amendment (thank those that voted no) Would have dramatically increased the SNAP benefit and eligibility cuts from current $20.5 billion to $31 billion, placing significantly more vulnerable families at-risk of hunger.

Southerland Amendment (thank those that voted no) Under the guise of work requirements, this amendment would have financially incentivized states to reduce SNAP caseloads by giving them half of any federal benefit savings associated with caseload reduction. States could use the funding for any purpose, not just investing in strengthening SNAP or employment training programs, for example.

You can find out who your Representative is - and get their contact information - on the House of Representatives' website.

Unfortunately this is only a short-term victory, and we will continue to call upon you in the future to take action to protect vital food and nutrition assistance programs from proposed cuts in the Farm Bill and other pieces of legislation. 

In the meantime, give yourself a big pat on the back for helping to protect SNAP and other important programs from going on the chopping block.  All of us at the Food Bank thank you for speaking up to protect the programs that help the people we serve.


Are you a representative of a Food Bank member agency and looking to do more to protect nutrition assistance programs from funding cuts?

Please contact Rachel Schneider, Advocacy Coordinator for the Food Bank, to talk about setting up a visit to your agency to do a letter writing campaign.  She can be reached by phone at 412-460-3663 x305 or via email at