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National Call-in Day to Protect SNAP!

Advocacy List

The U.S. House of Representatives has begun debate on the Farm Bill. The House proposal would cut SNAP (food stamps) by $20.5 billion over the next 10 years. That’s a loss of 8 billion meals, or the equivalent of the entire Feeding America network of food banks shutting down for two and a half years! We cannot let this happen.

Here's what the consequences of the bill would be if passed:

  • 2 million individuals would lose their SNAP benefits entirely.
  • 210,000 children would lose free school meals.
  • 850,000 households would see their benefits cut by an average $90 per month. 
  • Nutrition education funding would be cut.

We need your help protecting vital nutrition assistance programs by sending a strong message to Congress that cuts to SNAP (food stamps) are unacceptable. Please join us in calling your Representative and urging them protect important nutrition assistance programs. Here's what to do:

1. Call Feeding America's toll-free hotline at 1-866-527-1087.

2. Listen to the pre-recorded message and enter your zip code when asked.

3. Once you are connected to your Representative's office tell them your name, the town you are calling from, and let them know you are a constituent.

4. Let them know you are calling about the Farm Bill and deliver this important message:

"As a constituent, I am asking [REPRESENTATIVE'S  NAME] to vote against the House Farm Bill due to the cuts to SNAP. With so many families still struggling to put food on the table, it is important to protect and strengthen programs like SNAP and The Emergency Food Assistance Program. I understand the need to reduce the deficit, but increasing hunger is not the way to do it."

You can also help spread the word by sending a link to this post to your friends, family and colleagues, and ask them to join you in this important effort. The more support we can demonstrate, the more likely it is that SNAP and other nutrition assistance programs will be protected in the Farm Bill.

Make sure to also let Feeding America know your Representative responded

Thank you for taking time today to support this important effort to protect and strengthen vital nutrition assistance programs for people in need.