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Farm Bill Update

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The House Agriculture Committee passed its version of the Farm Bill, which includes a devastating $20.5 billion in cuts to SNAP (food stamps) over the next 10 years.  Read the joint statement by Feeding America and other leading anti-hunger organizations about the impact these cuts would have on people in need.

This funding cut would have a real impact on people who are struggling every day to feed themselves and their families. Here are some of the devastating consequences that would affect people all over the U.S. if this bill passes:

  • Two million people will lose benefits entirely
  • 210,000 kids will lose access to free school meals 
  • 850,000 households will see their benefits cut by an average of $90 per month
  • Over 8 billion lost meals for struggling families over the next 10 years



On June 10, the full Senate passed its version of the Farm Bill, which contained a $4.1 billion cut to SNAP (food stamps) over the next 10 years. This bill would cause 400,000 households to see a cut in their SNAP benefit by an average of $90 per month. The effect of this cut would be concentrated in just 15 states and D.C. - including Pennsylvania.

Although it does contain harmful cuts to SNAP, this version of the Farm Bill does increase funding for The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP).  Read Feeding America's statement on the passage of this bill.