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FY 2011 - Federal Budget Update

Advocacy List

H.R. 1473 provides the final language for the budget for the remaining fiscal year.  Although the bill has not been voted on yet, the final numbers in the bill have been agreed upon by a majority in Congress, and therefore is likely to pass this week.  The bill includes $38.5 billion in cuts to programs compared to 2010 enacted levels.  Some cuts to food and nutrition programs remained in this budget, including:

  • $504 million in cuts to the WIC Program 
  • $650 million in cuts to CDBG and $20 million in cuts to CSBG (Community Development & Service Block Grants)
  • $80 million in cuts to the Emergency Food and Shelter Program
  • Elimination of Hunger Free Community Grants and the Emerson/Leland Hunger Fellowship Program. 

Although the anti-hunger community is upset that any cuts were proposed to programs that help people in need, many programs were fortunate in that the agreed upon cuts were not as severe as those proposed in H.R. 1.  Click here for the Republican summary of the 2011 Continuing Resolution (budget).

Thanks to the consistent voices of anti-hunger advocates, and our elected officials who care about the hunger issue, the Commodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP / "Senior Boxes") was spared from any cuts in the final FY 2011 budget resolution. In fact, the program was given an increase of approximately $5 million for its budget compared to the 2010 level of funding. This will allow 604,000 individuals - mostly low-income seniors - to receive much needed monthly boxes of nutritious food for the remainder of the year. 

Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank would like to thank all of the anti-hunger advocates, both community members and elected officials, who spoke up to protect CSFP and other vital food assistance programs. Your advocacy truly made a difference and will allow your fellow Pennsylvanians to continue participating in programs which provide food for themselves and their families.